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W.o.W.t.M is a plugin for Autodesk's Maya that enables the import of assets from Blizzard's .MPQ game files of World of Warcraft.

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Note : you will need the game files to use the plugin.

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World of Warcraft to Maya

By wow.to.maya 02/07/2010

Video Tutorial

This video tutorial demonstrates how to load and use the WoWtM plugin to import creatures and dungeon files into Maya.

  • By wow.to.maya 02/05/2010

    Recruiting !

    We could really use some help with this project to turn this into a first class modding tool. If you have some skills and can :

    • animate : we would love to see what you are doing with the tool !
    • program : many features await implementation... (C++, MEL, Python...)
    • develop on Windows or Mac : we need a port and releases to Windows and Mac platforms.

    Shoot us a mail !

    PS : these are obviously not job contracts...

    By wow.to.maya 01/15/2010

    First Youtube Video : Ironforge

    A short tour of the Ironforge models. All geometry and textures were exported to Autodesk(c) Maya using the WoWtM plugin. Rendering was done using the GL playblast function - with wireframe turned on to show off the model. The music is a mix of several in-game tracks (pirate taverns). The image is darker than in the game, mostly because the illumination is not correct yet (although we are getting vertex illumination). Similarly, the fog color and settings aren't correct either. Enjoy !